Grand Central-42 St

Grand Central-42 St

In an agreement to coordinate services and save money, the Hudson, New Haven, and Harlem Railroads shared a new transit hub; Grand Central Depot opened in 1871. Thirty years later, the Depot’s was expanded and became known as Grand Central Station in 1901. However, a new building was unveiled in 1913 and is the Grand Central Terminal we know today.

In 1982, Metro-North took over the terminal, which is now the commuter hub as we know it. Current work to expand Long Island Rail Road to Grand Central is underway and will mark Manhattan’s first major new terminal in over 90 years (GCT History).

Birthday June 22, 1915
Locale Midtown Manhattan
Tracks Local/Express
Free Crossover

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Riders' Tips ?

Connections to: 4, 5, 6 trains (all times)

Alternate Transit Options

  • Go to Court Sq or 74th St-Broadway via an E or M train at Lexington Av/53 St (6).
  • Go to Queensboro Plaza via the N or Q at Lexington Av/59 St (4/5/6).
  • Go to 74 St-Broadway via the R train at Lexington Av/59 St (4/5/6).
  • Go to 74 St-Broadway via the F train at Lexington Av/63 St, which is three blocks north of 59 St-Lexington Av (4/5/6) and Lexington Av/59 St (N/Q/R).

Survival Tips

  • Heading to the front of a Manhattan-bound train and taking the escalators up to the mezzanine level will make for an easy exit; as you ascend up the last set of the escalators there’s a second set of turnstiles behind you, where it's significantly less crowded.
  • You can exit at a third set of turnstiles located in the same direction as the S platform. This exit will take you to Madison Ave and 42nd St.
  • If you’re buying Metro North tickets, use the machines near the MTA Transit Museum Annex to avoid the crowds of tourists.

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Top Complaints ?

  • Overcrowding

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Future Plans

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