Vernon Blvd-Jackson Av

Vernon Blvd-Jackson Av

Vernon Boulevard-Jackson Avenue is the westernmost stop in Queens before entering Manhattan via the Steinway Tunnel, which was heavily damaged during Hurricane Sandy. Though informally known as Vernon-Jackson, riders shouldn’t be fooled. This station is not quite located at the intersection of Vernon Boulevard and Jackson Avenue, but rather on 50th Avenue between Vernon Boulevard and Jackson Avenue, both of which have entrances to the station (Wikipedia).

Birthday June 22, 1915
Locale Long Island City
Tracks Local/Express
Free Crossover

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Riders' Tips ?

Alternative Transit Options

  • Transfer to the LIRR, but watch 7 Train Blues for posts about cross-honoring. 
  • Take the Q103 to 21st Street to catch the F Train at 21 St/Queensbridge.
  • Take the ferry at Hunters Point South Landing (54th Ave on 2nd St, Long Island City, NY 11101) for access to the East Side of Manhattan. 

Survival Tips

  • Head to the back of the train to avoid crowding.
  • If your destination is Grand Central (Manhattan-bound from Queens), head to the back of the train for quick and easy access to 3rd Ave and 42 St.
  • In dire situations, walk to Court Square and take the E train to Manhattan or further out in Queens.

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Top Complaints ?

  • Overcrowding
  • Cleanliness
  • Construction — riders cited damaged tiles, the need for more seating and human traffic issues

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Future Plans

There is no new information about Vernon Blvd-Jackson Av at this time.