5 Av-Bryant Park

5 Av-Bryant Park

Named after the Romantic poet and editor of The New York Evening Post, William Cullen Bryant, in 1884 (New York Public Library), 5 Av-Bryant Park lies beneath the famous New York Public Library. Since 2002, the glass mosaic and etched granite work of tree roots and literary quotes titled "Under Bryant Park" by Samm Kunce has lined the passageway between the 7 Train and the B/D/F/M trains. 5 Av-Bryant Park is the first station within the entire subway system to feature vending machines that dispense makeup and other retail products. (Wikipedia).

Birthday December 15, 1940
Locale Midtown Manhattan
Tracks Local/Express
Free Crossover

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Riders' Tips ?

Alternate Transit Options

Connections to: D, F trains (all times); B, M trains (weekdays)

  • Take the M train to Court Square, Queens Plaza, or Roosevelt Av-Jackson Heights and transfer to the 7. (Queensboro Plaza is also a short walk from Queens Plaza. The Q32 and Q60 buses run nearby too.)
  • Take the F Train to Roosevelt Av-Jackson Heights and transfer to the 7.
  • Exit the station and catch the Q32 on Madison Av. 

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Top Complaints ?

  • Construction (such as broken stairs or escalators)

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Future Plans

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