69 St

69 St

Before Queens streets were numbered, Fisk Avenue was the main road between Woodside south and Maspeth (Forgotten NY). Since then, 69 St has been assigned to the station’s name. Ever wonder about the tracks under the elevated structure directly east of the station and the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway? That’s the New York Connecting Railroad, which is used for freight by CSX (Wikipedia).

Birthday April 21, 1917
Locale Woodside
Tracks Local
Free Crossover

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Riders' Tips ?

Alternative Transit Options

  • Walk to the 74 St or 61 St stations.

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Top Complaints ?

  • Train Service

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Future Plans

  • Structural painting contracts will be awarded in 2019.
  • Station renewal under the MTA’s 2015-2019 Capital Program is scheduled for 2019