61 St-Woodside

61 St-Woodside

61 St-Woodside opened on April 21, 1917, during the extension of the IRT Flushing Line to 103 St–Corona Plaza. The Long Island Rail Road station came first, as it originally opened in 1869. The station features artwork by John Cavanagh, titled Commuting/Community (1986), and Dimitri Gerakaris, titled Woodside Continuum (1999) (Wikipedia).

Birthday April 21, 1917
Locale Woodside
Tracks Local
Free Crossover

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Riders' Tips ?

Alternative Transit Options

  • Transfer to the LIRR if 7 Train service has been interrupted. Watch 7 Train Blues for information on cross-honoring.

Survival Tips

  • Local service is significantly less crowded. However, there are considerably less people at the front and back of the train.
  • Avoid the center of the platform.
  • You can access the station from the LIRR platform via Woodside Ave (between 61st and 62nd St). This station also has a second set of stairs by the elevator.

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Top Complaints ?

  • Construction — riders caution about frequently inoperable escalators
  • Train Service

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Future Plans

  • There are plans to install third rail heaters to reduce the impact of ice and snow. Launch details are unknown at this time.
  • Structural painting contracts will be awarded in 2019.
  • Station renewal under the MTA’s 2015-2019 Capital Program is scheduled for 2019.