Usage Policies

Social Media

Facebook & Twitter Rules of Conduct

Watch our video or read on... In order to maintain a positive environment, please note that the following acts are NOT permitted. Followers and/or posts in violation are subject to immediate removal:

  • Personal attacks, threats, hate speech, harassment and discrimination (including but not limited to: sex, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion) toward other followers, including elected city officials and MTA employees.
  • Profanity and sexually explicit content.
  • Scapegoating and public shaming, including images or video that publicly shame other riders and MTA workers for indecency or poor etiquette.
  • Posts that are off topic, advertisements or spam, including posts that are non-transit-related or promotions for personal ventures.

Posting Guidelines & Settings

  • Images: Please include the time and location (closest subway stop), and your travel direction with any images or videos that you post.
  • Duplicate Posts. Our Facebook groups receive a lot of activity. Please scan the group wall to avoid posting something that was already posted.
  • Facebook Notifications: Facebook activity spikes when transit issues occur. You may change your notification settings or completely turn off the group's alerts from the group page. There is no need to leave the group.
  • Ownership: Visual content that is posted on our social media channels will be publicly visible and may be used for Access Queens initiatives. Your images will remain under your copyright and will not be used for profit without your permission.

Unsure of what you can post? Send us an email at or message one of the moderators.

Reporting, Bans & Declined Requests

  • Please report or flag inappropriate posts on Facebook for review. Action will be taken if necessary.
  • If your account was hacked and caused your account to be blocked, please send us an email.
  • If your request to join 7 Train Blues on Facebook was declined, it was likely due to suspicious activity. Send us an email to reapply.

Fair Use & Media Policy

7 Train Blues is a closed group for our members to have a safe place to express their public transit concerns. As such, our goal is to protect each individual's privacy. If you are a member of the news media, please contact us before using content:

Using Content Posted Online — The use of social media posts, written statements, email exchanges, private messages, videos, audio, photos, etc., by followers of 7 Train Blues℠ and members of the media must be approved by the Access Queens steering committee prior to use. Please send usage inquiries to

Contacting Our Followers — We respect the privacy of our social media followers and ask all media professionals, including bloggers and student journalists, email before polling or contacting our followers directly. Thank you for your cooperation.

Official Statements — Other than members of the steering committee, any statements made by social media followers are not official statements from Access Queens. If you'd like an official statement from us, please contact us.

Brand Images & Logo — The photography used throughout our website and social media sites was shot by Paul Ker, Mitch Waxman and Patricia Dorfman. If you'd like to use any brand resources, please contact Creative Director Brandon Mosley at

Image Contribution

Have a great shot of the 7 Train and like to contribute? Send hi-res images to Access Queens by emailing them to Use the subject line of the message to include a title and the body to provide a description.