30 Avenue

30 Avenue

Birthday July 19, 1917
Locale Astoria
Tracks Local
Free Crossover

Riders' Tips ?

Alternative Transit Options

  • Take the Q18 bus to go further into Queens.  take this to either Northern Boulevard (R train) or Woodside (7 train, LIRR).
  • If you’re going to Manhattan, take the Q18 bus to 21st Street and transfer to the Q69 or Q100 buses to Queens Plaza.
  • If you’re going to Long Island City, you can also take the Q18 bus to Hallets Cove and transfer to the Q103 bus on Vernon Boulevard. 
  • Walk to Astoria Boulevard and take the M60 bus.

The Q100 only stops at 20th Avenue & 31st Street, and 21st Avenue, Astoria Boulevard, 30th Avenue, Broadway and 41st Avenue (F train). This is a limited stop bus with normal bus fare and free subway transfer.

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Future Plans

This station will be closed from October 23, 2017 through June 2018 for modernization and renewal: structural repairs, new or revamped station entrances, improved mezzanines and train platforms, and additions like USB ports, digital screens and countdown clocks.