33 St-Rawson St

33 St-Rawson St

Named after the Moore & Rawson firm, a business during the 1800s that developed Thomson Avenue, 33 St-Rawson St serves the quaint neighborhood of Sunnyside (NY Daily News). During a 1998 renovation of the 7 line, this station lost part of it’s name, but due to the efforts of several community members, including Pat Dorfman of Access Queens, it’s historical moniker was restored (Times Weekly). Today, 33 St-Rawson St bears a 1999 glass work by Yumi Heo called "Q is for Queens."

Birthday April 21, 1917
Locale Sunnyside
Tracks Local
Free Crossover

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Future Plans

  • There are plans to install third rail heaters to reduce the impact of ice and snow. Launch details are unknown at this time.