46 St-Bliss St

46 St-Bliss St

Bliss Street — this station’s former name — came from inventor, shipbuilder and industrialist Neziah Bliss, who owned most of the area’s land during the 1830s and 40s, including part of Sunnyside (Forgotten NY). His name was dropped from the station during the 1920s until 2003, when the efforts of several community members, including Pat Dorfman of Access Queens, had it’s historical moniker restored (Times Weekly). Today, 46th-Bliss St features a 1999 faceted glass work by Yumi Heo, titled “Q is for Queens.”

Birthday April 21, 1917
Locale Sunnyside
Tracks Local
Free Crossover

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Riders' Tips ?

Alternative Transit Options

  • The Q32 bus will take you to Madison Av. There’s also a stop at Grand Central.
  • If you're South of Queens Boulevard, walk to 48th Ave. and take the Q39 to Court Sq to catch the E or M into Manhattan.
  • Take the Q60 from Queens Boulevard. It drops you off at the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge in Manhattan (60th St).
  • Take the B24 to/from Greenpoint, Brooklyn.
  • Take the Q104 bus at 47th St. and Queens Boulevard to transfer to the M and R trains. The Q104 also goes to he N train at Broadwa, where you can go into Manhattan. Or, take the Q104 to Astoria Boulevard to transfer to the Q60 SBS to Manhattan.
  • If you can get to Court Square, transfer to the G train to head into Brooklyn where you can switch to the L, J-M-Z, or A-C lines to Manhattan.

Survival Tips

  • If Manhattan-bound service is suspended or delayed, backtrack on a Flushing-bound 7 Train and transfer at 74th St-Broadway to catch a Manhattan-bound E, M, or R Train.

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Top Complaints ?

  • Construction (such as broken stairs, escalators, etc.)
  • Train Service (such as delays and closures)

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Future Plans

  • Structural painting contracts will be awarded in 2019.