Student-Journalist Interviews 7 Train Blues℠

Student-Journalist Interviews 7 Train Blues℠

Baruch student-journalist Junior Martinez couldn't help but notice dozens of Facebook comments left by confused and baffled 7 Train riders who disagreed with the Straphangers’ Campaign "2015 Subways Report Card." In it, the 7 Train was ranked number one (out of the entire system) for the second year in a row, sparking a stream of comments in the 7 Train Blues℠ Facebook group that questioned its credibility.

Martinez, also a Queens resident and member of 7 Train Blues℠ on Facebook, wrote and produced video pieces titled, "'7 train Blues': Facebook Group Sounding Off Their No.7 Line Heartache," in which Access Queens' Melissa Orlando and Brandon W. Mosley were interviewed about the report as well as other issues affecting the 7.

Watch the video or read the full article for more.

PHOTO: Photo: Brandon W. Mosley. Student journalist Junior Martinez interviews Melissa Orlando.