MTA Announces 2016 7 Train Closures

MTA Announces 2016 7 Train Closures

The MTA announced planned work and fewer weekend closures for 2016. According to their official statement, reconstruction and improvement projects are nearing completion. "Most of the track panel replacement work scheduled for 2016 will be on the three-track segment of the line, which will not require full suspensions of service since the presence of three-tracks allows trains to safely bypass work zones. This means fewer significant disruptions while track panel replacement continues."

The 2016 schedule takes into account the 2016 Lunar New Year celebration in early February and the Mets’ home games when there is extra demand for service. Though the service changes are a nuissance, at least we have a list of scheduled work a year in advance.

As for progress, the MTA states:

"In 2016, contractors will continue installing and testing CBTC equipment throughout the line. Much of the work in 2016 will involve the testing of installed equipment to prepare for the system’s 2017 launch. Once completed, the new system will interface with subway cars to allow for countdown clocks, increased operational flexibility and reliability, system safety improvements and increased capacity to run more trains per hour."

Throughout the year, we should see a lot more physical progress. In the meantime, mark your calendars. Here's when you can expect the closures:

  • March 18-21
  • April 1-4
  • April 15-18
  • October 21-24
  • October 28-31
  • November 11-14
  • November 18-21

For the full statement, visit the MTA's website.

Photo: Chris Goldberg via photopin (license)