Another easy commute?

Another easy commute?

Another easy commute this am! Thinking the train gods have smiled down on me. Quick connections and not awful. With the exception of the contact high I got walking through the Court Square station, it was a good morning.

Riding home on the E train at about 6pm. There's a stalled downtown E, but since I'm headed back to Queens I am happily unaffected. As I get to wondering what the 7 will have in store when I realize that I've spoken too soon... we're being held in the station. Maybe the stalled train will derail the evening after all? Crawling along now - just told it was due to a stalled F train in Queens. Ugh.

When I finally get to Court Square, the escalators and moving sidewalks are not working. But they worked all day yesterday - so I guess it's not a big deal. I did get on the 7 right away. Crowded, but I got on the train. One hour and 15 minutes from Penn Station to Sunnyside.

I wonder how often we mange to get on the train, just barely. You squash yourself in because you have to go somewhere, but it's not a humane experience. How many people are train cars supposed to hold? And how many are squashed in with me?

Tomorrow, I'll look at train capacity and ridership. At a very low estimate, building housing over the Sunnyside Yards will add more than 100,000 people to the trains at Queens Plaza/Queensboro Plaza. Get ready to be up close and personal with your neighbors.